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A 1% approach/lay rate means LOTS OF SEX

Dimitri wrote:
>If I approach 100 girls, and
>only lay one of them, that’s a
>hell lot of available sex.

But it isn't like that. There are only 2 types of men. Those who get laid and those who doesn't.

If you are the type of man who doesn't get laid, approaching 100 girls doesn't help. You need to transform yourself to a guy who gets laid and approach 1 girl - not to approach 100 girls while hoping some outside force will transform you (like AFC trying to get lucky).

When an AFC 'gets lucky' it has nothing to do with luck. It has NOTHING to do with being in the right place at the right time. It has nothing to do with meeting the right girl. It has to do with only one thing:

Not being AFC.

Maybe he passed his last exam that day. Maybe he found a stamp he has been looking for for his collection. Maybe he finally managed to stand up to his boss at work and make him stop pushing him around. Maybe he read an article on the internet about not being a door mat when dealing with girls... No matter what it was, it was *something*, and it changed him enough for a period of time, to go from group of males not getting it to group of males who get it. When a guy gets laid, it is always because something has put him in the category of men that get laid at an earlier point in time.

So, running around approaching shitloads of girls is great if you are in the correct category of men. But watch out! Getting lots of rejections MIGHT put you back in the wrong category!

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I disagree.
Approaching 100 girls
with a bit of direction
will help a guy
get experience under his belt
learn social calibration skills
and improve in "the game",
even if he doesn’t have,
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shoot naked women with paint ball guns
a 1% approach/lay rate.
This is a very good point!
The Naked Women's Wrestling League
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Doing many approaches will never be a waste!
If I should choose only one skill,
it would be approaching without fear/anxiety.
A guy who can do this
holds the key to getting the field experience needed!
In the end,
this guy will lay more girls
than the shy pretty boy
who gets PU’ed
by girls now and then.
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>>When an AFC ’gets lucky’
it has nothing to do with luck.
an increasing number of naked women walking in shopping malls
It has NOTHING to do with
being in the right place
at the right time.
It has nothing to do with
meeting the right girl.
It has to do with only one thing:
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>>Not being AFC.
>Whoa! Disagree, amigo.
Sunny skies and naked women
>I see AFC’s getting laid quite a bit,
my man.
Thousands of naked women
In fact,
since 90%+ of society is AFC,
and most of society aren’t virgins...
I think you miss my point.
Whenever an AFC gets laid,
there is something
that makes him more of a man and less of an AFC.
Looking back at my own AFC years,
it was always like this.
Typical example:
I was chair man at a week end convention.
All day I was in control of
who spoke when and for how long.
In the breaks,
people came up to me
to discuss stuff
like I was some expert,
during meals,
the hottest girls
all casually dumped down at my table
engaging me in flirtatious tone,
later everyone wanted my opinion
in what pub/club to go to..
typical stuff that happens
when you are the alpha male
in a context/situation.
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So, late that night
I found myself alone in a club.
I remember clearly thinking
to myself while heading for the exit
Hey, I feel great!
Coffee and Half-Naked Women
I’m gonna stay a little longer
and see what happens.
so they're using naked women to sell their game
Shortly after I did a few approaches
on the dance floor
asking girls to dance
like I used to do on school parties
many years earlier.
Danced with a few girls
and ended up sitting down
talking to one of them.
Boring lame AFC convo,
but when the club closed
I went like
"My hotel is so boring -
can I come to your place
for a cup of tea?"
(my exact words)
and we did actually drink tea
before we went to bed.
Top 5 Naked Women
This was my first ONS.
Later my AFC successes
followed similar patterns,
and even today,
there is a hint of this going on.
are people afraid of looking at naked women in their room
Only now,
I am aware of it
and seek it actively
through preparation and positive thinking.
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