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A Collection of Mystery Openers & Routines

1. The Jealous Cat

My friend has been going out with a girl for about three months and they get along really well, they love each other heaps, but her cat hates him. Like whenever he tries to pet it, it will just look at him like he's an idiot and walk off and one time he left his shoes by the door and it pissed on them .......

2. Masturbate in Shower

Mystery: Did you know that 93% of girls masturbate in the shower?
Her:        No
Mystery: The other 7% sing
Her:        Oh yeah?

3. Who lies more?

Mystery: Hey guys, quick question...Who lies or women?
---(Girls talk for a bit, then you cut them off.)
Mystery: Ok, I can only stay a sec, my friends are waiting, but who cheats more, guys or girls?

4. G-String Opener

Hey girls, I need female opinion on something...please give me one advice...
My friend totally fucked up his relationship with his GF.
Actually they are still together...into love with each other... but its going wrong way...

5. Masturbate in Shower

PUA: Did you know that 93% of girls masturbate in the shower?
Her: No
PUA: The other 7% sing
Her: Oh yeah?
PUA: And do you know what they sing?
Her: No, what?
PUA: Oh you must be one of the girls that masturbates then.

6. Trust Test

7. Jealous Cat

My friend has been going out with a girl for about three months and they get along really well, they love each other heaps, but her cat hates him. Like whenever he tries to pet it, it will just look at him like he's an idiot and walk off and one time he left his shoes by the door and it pissed on them. What do you think he should do? ...

8. Yes Routine

Enjoy IT!!!!

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