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You Must Move Her to a Kiss Closable Field

author: "Mystery"
date: Wed, 02 Dec 2003 05:00:00 GMT
newsgroup: alt.seduction.fast
subject: Mystery's thoughts on HUNTING GROUNDS

Have you noticed that most of the fields we talk about are PRE-FIELDS. we need to actually get a girl out of one field into a better one. you cant meet a girl on the street and kiss her there. you have to get her into a club or bar. you cant kiss a girl in a book store. you need to move her location.

The only places I see kissing a girl is in a private home (yours, hers, or at a party) or at a club or bar (a seedy little corner sitting on the couch), or MAYBE at a park sitting in front of the pond feeding ducks. OK, the car too I guess. But not at a restaurant, or on the street, or in a food court or in a mall or on campus or in a class. maybe an elevator but that is low probability.

So if you hunt in a non kiss close field then you must move her to a kiss closable field.

Any thoughts about this? I'm differentiating fields here - we may be starting a new thread here.

By Mystery

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 We immediately discovered that she had not offered this bit of advice frivolously. She took off so fast our fishing lines came loose and cracked like whips in the air behind us. We were a quarter-mile down the road before our hats hit the ground back at the starting point, not that either Hank or I were concerned with such minor details at the moment.
The lady seemed to think she needed to explain the sudden start. She rolled down her window and shouted out, “Bad clutch!”
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“Somebody stole my battery,” Hank said to the deputy.
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The old lady ordered the dogs back into the car, and they obeyed instantly, scarcely bothering to take a snap or two at Hank.
“Well, hop back on the running boards and hold on good and tight,” she said to us, “and I'll haul you fellas on into town.”

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