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IOIs - Indicator of Interest

Indicator of interest was coined by Mystery, and is often abbreviated "IOI". An indicator of interest is a sign that a woman gives a man that indirectly reveals she is attracted to or interested in him.

Indicators of interest are part of seduction and generally unintentional and subtle.

Here are some examples of nonverbal indicators of interest (IOIs):

1. She initiates kino (Touching)
2. Fidgeting
3. Leaning toward a man when he speaks.
4. Squeezing his hand when he takes her hand in his.
5. She plays with her hair while talking to you
6. Legs become intertwined with yours
7. Eye contact and other body language cues, such as Proteans.

Verbal indicator of interest including (IOIs):

1. Did that hurt? (referring to a piercing)
2. Asking mundane questions to keep a conversation going
3. Asking a stranger for his name, to "Wow, you're amazing."

Generally, after three indicators of interest, one has built enough attraction to move to qualification.


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