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How to Pickup Women

What if you could pick up almost any girl you lay your eyes on? No matter how good looking, rich or confident she might look you would still be able to pick her up. And yes this also applies to average Joe’s out there with nothing special to offer. Now you might be thinking how can this be done? Read on to find out some of the best ways to pick up almost any girl you put your eyes on.

1. Overcoming Approach Anxiety

For men, the only rejection possible is SELF-REJECTION. So really, getting over the fear of "rejection" is understanding that:-

(1). Not approaching women with the intention of having sex with them UNTIL you have screened them. Get sex off the brain. Concentrate on rapport. This mindset in itself makes approaching effortless and fearless.

(2). Understanding that being bitched out is actually a GOOD thing, and is nothing bad at all. Her reaction to you is nothing you need to be concerned about, because it (despite all appearances) is actually something good going for you. There is no need to fight back or get angry once you know what's really going on in her head.

2. Keep the conversation refreshing.

When you have finally worked up courage and approach her, open up with an easy question. A few great examples include asking her for a woman’s opinion (see more here about opinion opener), her facial expression telling you how she is feeling, or even a simple question dealing with what she is drinking. Once she opens up and answers, you must try to keep the conversation flowing naturally. Do not make her feel as though she is being interviewed for a job.

Come up with a few relevant random stories. Here is an example.

Gay Scarf Story

Hey guys, does this scarf make me look gay? Check this out, I'm walking down the street, there's this guy, and he starts chatting me up. Real good conversation. We're just talking, shooting the shit, so the conversation ends, and finally he's walking by me, and he grabs my ass. I turn and look at him, and say "You just grabbed my ass didn't you?!" And he goes "Yeah, I did." And I said "What made you think, that I was gay?" He said "It was your scarf!" Jeez... I mean, I've like to leave my house lookin' good, but not THAT good!

3. Ask her for her phone number.

The conversation with the girl is going well, but eventually it has to end. Either she has to go or you have to go or you just feel you can't keep it up at the same heights anymore and need to stop before you stall. So what are the best ways closing? A close by the way is not a Bye, it was nice meeting you, you'll have to extract something out of your interaction with the girl, either her phone-number, a promise for a new meeting, a kiss, better yet - all of those things. Here is an examples.

Let's do x together. I'll call you
But you don't have my number!
Oh that's right! (pull out a pen)

Here are more ways to get here phone number.

To be continued...... @2006-2007 - The Ultimate Collection Of Attraction routines, Close Routines and How to pickup women Routines