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How to Improve Your Game

> I know of several PUAs in this community, that think that they’re
> beyond this sort of process. They think that they’re perfect, and
> above being a student of the game.

I am guilty of that myself. Like for the longest time I have been in the headspace of "There is nothing I can learn from anyone else. I can build routines better than anyone. I understand the dynamics of male-female interaction as well as anyone. It is up to me to go into the field and just do it". But I whenever I didn’t get the results I was looking for, I would go back to singing old songs. Like if the Rolling Stones, recognising their current state of affairs and craving the adoration that they used to get in the 60’s, used as a strategy singing "I can’t get no satisfaction." Like if they said "what is the difference between the young crowd I had in the 60’s and all the top 10’s and shit, and the middle age crowd that comes to the concerts now? I know! I used to sing ’I cant get no satisfaction’. I should start singing it again to RECREATE the glory days." That is the style of thing that goes through my mind when my shit isn’t working as well as it should. But I have stopped doing that. No more recreating former successes. I said that to myself a couple of months ago. Forget the old stuff. I banned myself from thinking about it or speaking about it. No more "You know what I used to do in that situation? ...". Create it new. Because I am a different person today to who I was 2 years ago. Why would I want to regress instead of going forward?

You get to a certain point where you are satisfied with your skill-set. And that is not where I want to be. You have got to hunger for improvement. It is the engine of personal growth, and the engine of success.

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