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How to Improve Your Game

author: "toecutter"
date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 04:53:00 GMT
subject: Re: Improvement

TylerDurden wrote in message
> What it comes down to is that improving in the game isn’t exclusively about
> tactics / tech (although that is huge).

I agree. The lines and tactics are not it. You know that when you see other people using your own lines and fucking them up. I mean it is the same words coming out of their mouths, but it doesn’t work for them. And then they think I am "hiding" some missing piece of it from them. Like the routines are incomplete. But that is not it. I have a hard time working with these AFC’s. I want to tell them that it is about liking yourself. It is about liking the world that you move in. It is about liking the girls that you speak to. It is about never back-pedalling. Confidence and coolness. And humour too. Humour can be learned. And it is important. Big enough idea that it deserves a new paragraph:

Humour can be learned. Like lets say that you do not consider yourself a naturally funny person today. What you need to do is get together a PROVEN comedy routine. Later you can make your own. Like one from a stand-up commedian (that no-one has ever heard of) that gets big laughs. And you need to go out and run it like the stand-up. Hundreds of times. Like keep running it even though you get groans the first time. Get your delivery down. Run it hundreds of times even when it is not working for you. I mean get it DOWN. Get the routine so that it really elicits the side-splitting laughs. And improve on the routine. Get surrounding material together ... like all the little routines that prop it up. Once you have it down, you will see that you can be funny. And once there, you can deliver properly the jokes that come to your mind on the spur of the moment. And when you try, because you have learned comedic delivery from your stolen routine, you will find those get good laughs too. That builds confidence in your sense of humour. And with confidence, you will say those jokes that come to your mind more. And you will start looking for funny angles. And you will be able to control your wit ... choose the jokes that are going to get laughs while still sending all the right PU related sub-texts.

Learning a few lines is not going to make you improve alone. You have got to stop reading this board for new material and insights. You are not going to learn anything that you need. Make this the last post you read for a while. Insights wont improve you at all. There is no apithany that is going to help. You only learn in set. That is the only place you learn. You can not do some self-hypnosis exercise and learn from your imagination either. The only time that works is after a failed pick-up where you, in your dreams, go over what you should have said. And if you had said that, she might have said this, to which you might have said the other thing. Then next time you try it in that way and see what happens. That is where you learn.

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girl's questions
girlfriend long term
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girls are complimented by a guy
girls close rept off then fucked
girls dumbest pick up lines
girls eyecode
girls first threesome
girls flake
girls get guys pick up lines
girls getting hit on
girls hostel kisses
girls liking whipped cream off of other girls
girls masturbate in the shower
girls masturbate in the shower sing
girls masturbating in the shower
girls opinion on pua
girls playing truth or dare
girls reaction to compliment
girls replies to pick up lines
girls says "i have a boyfriend
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girls that give fake numbers
girls wanting to know about you
girls who cancel dates
giuseppe notte
give me your hand routine
giving compliments to girls
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gm style pua
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go get laid
go out pick up lines
going caveman pua
goldfish routine
gonesavage pua
good compliment for girls
good compliments for girls
good compliments to give a girl
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good dhv spikes
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got her number how to ask for a date now
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