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Handling Busy Hot Women

>I was wondering how you guys deal with hot women who are legitimately

there is no such thing as legitimately "busy" hot women. does she MAKE TIME to go to the bathroom? does she MAKE TIME to eat? does she MAKE TIME to sleep? then she can MAKE TIME to fuXX. if she doesn't, YOU haven't made her understand WHY she should.

>I have this girl who I've felt up and kissed closed, etc but
>due to time constraints wasn't able to fuXX.

what time constraints? how long would it have taken you to fuXX her? could you have sarged her FASTER knowing that your time was running out? did she give you the OLD excuse of "I have to get up in the morning?" it's bullshit.

>This girl really enjoyed the
>time, felt the connection, all that jazz. Keep in mind this HB is 19
>y/o, so flake city here.

it doesn't get any better until around 30. you have about 10 years of this shit left :)

>But today I call her and invite her to do something over the weekend.
>She is legitimately busy with her family (I have third party sources
>that confirm this)

is she going to sleep this weekend? is she going to get 8 hours a night? that's 16 hours in which she could be fuXXing you for ONE HOUR over the weekend. think about it. she is bullshitting you.

>and she's leaving for a one week vacation the next
>week (she told me earlier but I forgot LOL). So the problem I sense
>is that I was semi-supplicating in the first place by asking her out
>and since she was leaving for the next week, she was unable to
>counteroffer and weakly offered a "we'll see once I get back".

maybe she didn't WANT to counter-offer. listen dude... my primary has things to do and places to go and people to see and all that other stuff... but she LIKES what I do to her, and she WANTS me to do it to her. she MAKES TIME to see me, even if it's only for 20 minutes or so... which BECOMES an hour once I get started on her. pay attention to all the time the girl you are posting about WASTES that she could be spending with you. you will see more clearly once you realize that she is talking on the phone with her girlfriends for 2 hours a night instead of sucking your dick.


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