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Grooming Comes First in Pickup

author: "toecutter"
date: Mon, 24 Nov 2005 16:37:00 GMT
subject: Re: fake vs real disinterest

On 11/24/05 9:08:25 AM, softcontrol wrote:
>Then on the other hand, maybe you’re wrong. Maybe I actually
>do know what I am talking about. Maybe my posts are even some
>of the best material on ASF. Who knows? I wouldn’t
>expect you to be able to tell the difference anyway.

Ha! We have met in real life remember? Once sentence for you, my man: Grooming comes first. You and I were in (and I got out of there so as not to be associated with lamos in a place I wanted to go back to) a super-hyper fashionable bar and you were completely 110% inappropriately dressed. But the truth is, to get dressed appropriately for that place you would need to shave off that beard that comes to your knees, get an expensive haircut, get help on a wardrobe to get a look happening, bathe and brush your teeth. Until then, you can not really judge the value of any of the tactics here because any socially well adjusted girl will be put off by your look. I mean there was absolutely no way in hell it would have been possible for you to remain in set with a single girl at that venue because of your anti-social look.

You need to work out what your goals are with this. I am sure there is a certain type who might go for your skinny, geeky, dirty beard, lumberjack shirt look ... like the type that does not shave her legs or arm-pits and hugs tree’s when the bulldozers are coming in to cut them down. If you are hanging out in those greenpeace / anti-trade-talks-demonstration circles your look might go okay for you. But if you have any other target market in mind, you need to change what you look like to even get close to them. That is harsh, but intended as constructive. No-one else is going to say it to you although it is said behind your back everywhere you go in life.

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