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Good Pickup Lines

Good pick up lines, and canned material, is for everyone, and this is why! How many times have you heard the same cheesy lines roll off the lips of a woman? "Just be yourself" is probably the most common answer women have when it comes to courting and dating. I personally have no intention to dispute this statement, but a rewording might be useful, instead of "just be yourself", it'd rather exchange it for "be your best self".

Here are some really good pickup lines tips.

Good Pickup lines: Tip #1
Don't waste time figuring out

Do not spend time figuring out if girls think you are attractive. You are wasting your time reading into the actions of women. "Does this mean she likes me? Does that?" Stop it!

Do not give any relevance to a girl checking you out or not checking you out. This will just delay your approach.

That stuff will simply not matter once you get comfortable making approaches.

Approach the girls you want to. Do not give them a chance to check you out before hand. Do not try to see if they like you before you approach. Matter of fact, do not approach any girl who you think is giving you a positive look.

Even if she is interested from what she sees, it is a crutch.

Good Pickup lines: Tip #2
Using canned materials (opener) to initial a conversation. The main purpose of the opener is to get her attention and raise her interest in a chat. It is not a time to hit on her. It is not a time to introduce yourself. It is not a time to compliment her or spend money on her.

Here is an example:

Grandpa' Hat
PUA: "Hey, nice hat"
Her: "Thanks"
PUA: "My grandpa has one just like it"
Her: "OMG, that wasn't nice at all!"
PUA: "What are you talking about? I LOVE my grandpa!"


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