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When I KNOW she wants me, I go for the kill

author: "Mystery"
date: Fri, 04 Dec 2003 05:00:00 GMT
newsgroup: alt.seduction.fast
subject: Re: First Contact: Mystery, Ross, etc.

>But it's better, from MY perspective, to stay away from clubs, because in THOSE environments, the "don't approach me/this is a come on" atmosphere DOES tend to prevail quite often

I totally agree with your reasoning, but not your solution. You can NOT go there OR you can devise another tactic for getting past the girl's response. I don't actually HIT on a girl in the first 10 minutes. I merely convey my personality (humor, wit, confidence, charm, etc.) When they realize that I'm a great guy and therefore begin showing signs of interest (body language is like mind reading) then I KNOW she wants me and I go for the kill. The openers must really be natural.

Get good in clubs and the rest of the world will be an easy pie eating contest.

By Mystery

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