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Interesting Night: Pickup Hot Chicks at a Cool Club

I was out with Xaneus tonight at a cool club that we've been struggling to get regular access to. I scored winging with him last night, and his skills are going up big time. One of the best in the scene right now I think.

I generally get opened most sets as I approach. The hot chicks see me as I'm coming up, and say 'hi' or yell things at me. It's pretty funny to watch. I'll just walk up very very slow with eye contact, and they'll open me. It's like playing the game of a goodlooking guy. Very funny to watch. I haven't seen anyone other than myself really get strong results with this, so would recommend to other guys to just go in cold and initially over the shoulder. But its interesting how by wearing really fucking good clothing and being in the field 7 days a week, what happens to the way that you come across.

I did some great sets, all of which were willing to leave the club with us to get food or find another club, but I wanted to stay in the hard to get into club that I'd spent all the time getting there early to have access to. The funniest part of the night was watching this weird kind of clueless player working the room. Xaneus and I actually blew him out of 3 sets in a row, because they happened to be the hottest chicks and we just wanted into those sets. It was nothing personal, we just wanted the hot sets. Plus it was much easier to open by removing him, than it would be to open cold. By the last one you could see the guy like "Damn, what's up with these guys?" I think he was actually hiding from us to try to meet chicks out of our proximity.

The one set that made me nervous was this group of 5 girls and 2 guys. The guy controlling the group was very alpha and good looking. He really had their attention. I walked past a few times and really didn't think I'd get in. It was totally closed off, and the chicks were extremely hot. My target was smoking hot. Like "I can't look you in the face" level beautiful, as Style describes it. The thing that motivated me to go in was that PlayboyLA has been getting very very strong in field and I will not allow him to overtake me. If I didn't go out for even 2 weeks, he would. I am very competitive, and use that spirit to motivate myself to stay at the top of the game.

PlayboyLA and us out in the field are like a couple of sharks. Every girl in the club is waiting for us to open them. The other night, a literal HB9 walks up to Playboy and says "I've seen you in here every night chatting the girls. I really want to meet you. Here is my number, please call me." Secret Society stylez - that's right.

I walked into this tough set and only two of the girls hooked, while the guy continued running the set. I spotted weaknesses in frame (this is instinctual and its one of the few things that I don't think I can explain over text but I may have subconscious ability to read his pupil dilation or slight deviations in his vocal inflections, as well as various slight choices of phrasings in his sentences), so started poking him and saying "dude, dude, check this out" and then told the two girls that were listening to me "poke your friends so we have a panel", and boom I'm in. He tries to shut me out by just answering me over and over, and I just project my voice over him and get the girls laughing and touching me. He walks off with his tail between his legs, and the girls start telling me he was boring. I personally find that pretty funny because they were totally into him, and they are blatantly lying to me in order to preserve their status.

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Actually, its neither.
Really its being an egghead and getting into semantically debates while glossing over the
important points of posts.. :) j/k, I think you’re right, and
intelligence is the root cause of what gives you the
ability to do so.
The point that I was trying to convey when I said it was
the most important quality was really just that most
guys will think its looks or alphaness or whatever else.
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But really, anyone who is very intelligent possesses
within themselves the ability to go out, and to learn to
calibrate (and as you say "integrate") from the gut
feelings that they get.
girls' sex-roles on girls' self-esteem.
That’s why we improve as PUAs. It’s because our gut
tells us when we did something wrong, and we learn to
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After 2 years of going out 7 days a week, you
become so well calibrated that you subcommunicate
higher value, because people who are well socially
calibrated will have social proof and status.
Betrayal and Rejection Among Girls Sex Roles
It’s implied,
because on a subconscious level the girls know that
someone as socially calibrated and intelligent as you
are will be someone of high value and social proof.
They seek out our validation, and getting laid is the result.
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Some great and appreciated replies here guys.
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Like hot Chicks?
I agree that social intelligence
is the most important thing, and I think that guys with general analytical
intelligence can LEARN social intelligence.
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Take myself as an example.
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I did very poorly socially for a long time.
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In fact, you can still see levels of incongruence in my posts here, as well as
in real life.
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I can fall off my game, because I’m still a newbie to ASF
(though most people forget this).
check out the Hot Chicks News Page
Every week that goes by, I become more and
more congruent. That’s because on an internal level, I’m getting more
accustomed to guys wanting to be cool with me, and girls wanting to hook up
with me. And I’m beginning to expect it, so on an internal dialogue level,
there is much less pollution.
So because I used my analytical intelligence to dissect what it meant to be
socially intelligent (and that includes, vocal projection, body language, and
social tact), I was able to learn and gain a form of intelligence that I did
not possess previously.
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I guess this post was meant to be a bit of an inspirational rhetoric post, to
focus on the fact that no matter how badly off you are, if you’re smart, you
can learn any of this stuff.
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And also, that learning this form of intelligence
subcommunicates to the girls good things about you, that get you results.
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