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Get a Girl's # at a Coffee Shop About 2 Hours Ago

Hello gentlemen:

this is what went down. I finally decided to shower (hadn't in 3 days) and shave (hadn't in 8 or 9 days) after my hospital stint. Ok, my bud laughing boy comes over at 11pm and takes me to a coffee pub where, while I DID look ok, I felt like shit. I wore glasses and a baseball cap backwords (not my STYLE naturally) and honestly had no intention of PUing. I mean shit, I went to meet up with LB and hang and talk about my ordeal in the hospital and he was talking about his biz. So in comes 2 girls. Background: this 9.5 half white half Jamaican girl (looks like Asian with really tanned skin) who is like 9ft9 or 10 and all body small breasts but not too small nice and she is 18 almost 19 in a couple weeks .... I met her like a year ago at LBs regular hangout place. I didn't bother hitting cause back then she was this 17 yr old beauty so I threw her back (let the fish grow some more). Thing is, 6 months ago or so I had seen her and she was RIPE so I attempted to CLOSE but she shied. I was 27 at the time (I still am 27) so you can see a legitimate reason ... she was soo bubbly innocent and all that. I couldn't close her cause she treated me OLDER right? So ok, she remembers me (and LB) and comes over with her 6.5 friend (not anything). I have my laptop with me cause LB was showing me Riven (I was learning some details of the game cause I plan to play it while I'm inside getting better right) and she comes and says how are you. LB tells her about my hospital thing. Brutal about it - cause the whole blood thing was sickly funny to him. So she sits with us and I basically don't hit on her. In fact I NEG her (its not a neg HIT because NEGS are not HITS) SEVERAL times. I mean what went through my mind was "Im NOT getting her so I wont lower myself to going there again right?" I really felt that. I mean I think my first neg was like, "you are 18? shit, your just a kid." and then I ignore her and goof with the game as LB talks to her. I wish I had a pic cause she is FINE. OK, so ... I cant go into the DETAILS of the conversation unfortunately because it was 1.5 hours long (I wasn't PUing I was there to enjoy chatting) but MAN am I fucking good at this *self pride*. I finally GOT her # (we are going to blade this week - but I mean I put in many of my RULES - I mean she KNOWS by going out with me it means we are going to be sexual. I just took CHARGE MAN. NO supplicating at ALL. I mean I fucking assumed the sell bigtime and was natural. Not assuming the sell in a cheeso big salesmen way but natural down to earth and BAM she says, "well I should give you my number then" and I say ... " hmmm I donno. This will only lead to naughty stuff" "What do you mean she asks?" I say, "come on, you are a girl and I'm a guy and its summer and I have a new lease on life (after the hospital) and all I want to do is share blading with someone I care for and ... this isn't good ... you are so young I'm only going to corrupt you." And she is like, "maybe I'm already corrupted." I was IN baby in.

Ok so I be cautious not to SCARE her, that's all. But I will get to gether with her either tomorrow or the next day, invite her here and go swimming (I will spontaneously bring that up) but I wont HIT on her. I mean Ill kiss close but I will NEG her about her having to calm down "because we are NOT having sex in the whirlpool." That is AWESOME psychology. Then I will change the subject and not let her talk about it again. Can anyone explain WHY that is so fucking GOOD?!!!

She hugged me and I kissed her cheek. She is tall like I am. Ohh dudes ... man ... she is 18. I'm 27. Do you know what it is like to have the warmth of an 18 yr old in your arms when you are older like this. this is a bigtime BONUS man. Her body is fucking BAM.

I feel good. Damn can a girl make a day. :) And I was feeling like shit earlier. I'm going to tell her after we kiss that she made my day ... to know someone is attracted to you and you are attracted to them just puts a big goofy smile on your puss.

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