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It Feels So Good to Get a Girl Who Was Sitting With a Guy

author: "Mystery"
date: Sat, 12 Dec 1998 05:00:00 GMT
newsgroup: alt.seduction.fast
subject: Re: If they don’t like you...

>I don’t use the 3 second rule for the reason dan mentioned in another post, no woman is worth getting into a fight over.

that is merely an excuse NOT to approach her. When you talk to her, since you aren't hitting on her, when he arrives, start talking with HIM. After all, you have to take the time to remove him as an obstacle. He MAY be a brother or only a friend. And since you don't know, you have to FIND out and not ASSUME he is the BF. You would rather sit back and NOT approach a girl because MAYBE she has a BF. Completely chicken shit. Consider increasing your statistical chances of success with women by increasing your chances at every phase. Get better at getting out more. Get better at approaching more and more quickly.. Get better at the approach itself. Increase you chances with the attraction by dressing better more consistantly. Increase your chances of succeeded past the phone call the next day by incorporating your PHONE RULES into your close. Increase this also by KISS CLOSING instead of just # CLOSING.

AND ... increase you chance of success by approaches women when the variables are not all there. If a girl is alone, sure she MAY have a BF but without FINDING out you are reducing your chance of getting laid. Don't let the opportunities pass you by this way. I used to do that but it feels so good to get a girl who was sitting with a guy. I once met a girl with a guy who were sitting really close together and any regular player would have assumed they were a couple. Or for fear of getting beat up they wouldn't approach. What did I do? Seeing as I couldn't tell for sure whether it was a BF or not, I entered and approached HIM. I found out they met 4 days earlier! I ended up wooing her bigtime and he could do nothing but let it happen as he had not yet established the relationship with her. AND he liked me as a person as I didn't alienate him. She and I were holding hands and everything in front of the poor guy. In fact, honestly, I ended up feeling bad cause he was a cool guy (younger than me) so I let it go and told her she had a good guy and about 15 minutes later they were holding hands again. I felt like a good guy throwing back a fish that was too small.

By Mystery

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