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How to Flirt and Pickup the Attractive Women

Flirting can be divided into two different types, flirting for fun and flirting with intent.

Flirting for fun may be the most common type. The guy naturally good with the female do this constantly. Anyway, whether flirting for fun or flirting with intent, it's always fun! Flirting with woman just for fun, like exchanging playful sideways glances, can make you feel energetic, but also demonstrate high value and attract other people to you. This Type of flirting also project a great deal of alpha-man characteristic on your part.

When you flirt with intent, you are signal your interest to the female. It must be careful cause it show you are supplicant. According to Mystery’s seduction method, you must show active disinterest at first. So when you pick up HB,
you must make sure that you flirt with them at the right moment. So if the HB take your flirting, and feel they are attracted to you, they will flirt back. Once this happens, your "game" on.

How To flirt:

The first thing to bear in your mind is that you aren't eager to impress her. The purpose of flirting isn't to impress the HB. It's to show you are attracted ---you must demonstrate high value to make the HB be attracted to you at first.

When it comes to flirting for a man, there are only two things that need to be communicated -Male Sexuality and confidence. You can learn some routine in Alpha man and body language column about these.

Here are a few rules for flirting with a woman:
1. Use flattery- but don't be supplicant
2. Make direct eye contact - Be alpha man
3. Play questions game
4. Speak with confidence
5. Share your life experiences- like mystery's photo routine.
6. Whisper
7. Using nicknames.
8. Push and Pull - Leave her wanting more.

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7. Superflirt by Tracey Cox

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