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You don't have the girl of your dreams because you aren't going to the right places

author: "Mystery"
date: Sun, 06 Dec 2003 05:00:00 GMT
newsgroup: alt.seduction.fast
subject: Re: Marriage - real pain?

> But - maybe "the real" loves in my life don’t stack up against the fantasy ones I want. That’s why I’m here I guess.

Imagine if suddenly you put more intellectual effort into obtaining your desires. Imagine making this your MAIN FOCUS. Your CHALLENGE. That is what I have done. that is how I even became a performer in the first place. That is the reason for LA. That is the reason for my going through hell doing shows and shit. All for attention and attraction.

You are a smart guy. Figure out WHERE the models are. WHO knows them. WHAT they are attracted to (what TYPE of guy). Rehearse the proper performer patterns. Rock stars and models are the norm. Be a rock star. Change your LIFE. Make it interesting. You can't change the girls. The only area of change to affect the outcome lies in YOU. You don't have the girl of your dreams (or 2 or 3 of them) because you aren't going to the right places. You aren't conveying the right image. You aren't approaching ENOUGH. Your skills aren't good enough. SOLVE the issues. Its not a mystery. Its a puzzle within the laws of physics. Be a scientist.

By Mystery

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 Paul's challenge was mighty tempting, though. These days, I was about
as popular with outfitters as sushi at a cattlemen's barbecue. It had
been years since I added another notch to my rifle stock, which was
already pretty well eaten away from notches recording the other
outfitters I had defeated. From the way Paul described his ranch, I
knew this would be a major challenge, and a major notch. I only hoped
there was enough wood left in the stock to take it.
"Okay, Paul," I said, "you're on. I'll meet you at the crack of dawn
one year from today."
"One question."
"What time does dawn crack around here?"
Paul told me.
"In that case, we'll meet two hours after the crack of dawn."
As the year passed, I became increasingly uneasy about my hunt with
Paul Howard. He was and still is a great athlete. Maybe he would
expect me to keep up with him as he charged up and down the mountains
of Colorado, which start where other mountains end and go up from
there--way up. In order to survive such a hunt, I would have to spend
the next six months running five miles a day, lifting weights,
I called up Paul and told him a life-and-death situation had come up,
and I wouldn't be able to hunt with him after all.
"I can drive you right up to the hunting area," Paul said, "and you
just sit there until an elk you like comes by."
"Really? Hold on a second, Paul, my secretary Just handed me a note.
Hey, this is wonderful! The life-and-death situation has just been
"What a coincidence!"
Little did Paul realize I hadn't been handed a note at all. I don't
even have a secretary! These outfitters are so easy to fool..

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