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Demonstration of Higher Value

Demonstration of higher value (DHVs) is a routine in which the pua (pickup artist) displays a skill or attribute that raises his worth or appeal in the estimation of a woman or group; The purpose of Demonstration-of-higher-value is to make pua stand out from the other men in the club.

Demonstration of high value takes many forms.

1. Using Magic for Demonstration of higher value (DHVs)

Don't learn from a DVD or a book. Go to your local magic shop and ask for an instructor. Take a few lessons from them in a group or individual setting. They can teach you literally in seconds what takes days to learn from a book.

After you have the in field experience from an accomplished illusionist, pickup whatever book or products they recommend.

Here are more about how to learn and use magic.

2. Cocky and Funny. Here is an example.

PUA: So what was your name again?
Girl:  Jamie.
PUA: That's a pretty cool name. [Pull] How do you spell that?
Girl:  J-A-M-I-E.
PUA: Are you fucking serious? Haha omg I can't talk to you anymore... [Push]
Girl:  WTF? Why not?!
PUA: Every Jamie I've known who spells it that way has been TROUBLE for me... Like... I know one Jamee who spelled it with two e's and she's an amazing friend, but every Jamie who spells it the other way has been SUCH a partying bad-girl... HORRIBLE influences on my life...

Here are more cocky and funny lines.

And other ways of DHV including: storytelling, cold read and humor. @2006-2007 - The Ultimate Collection Of IOIs, Indicator of Interest, Demonstration of Higher Value Routines(DHVs)