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David Deangelo: Group Tactics

There are many ways I do sets. Here is one way that I will occasionally go about doing sets.

When I enter a set, I will often not engage the girl right away. I will ballbust back and forth with my wing in front of the girls, and give them a chance to come into our convo because the structure of our conversation allows for it. This is a natural way of doing it, that involves ballbusting and conveying that you are a cool/fun/nonneedy guy to the girl, without having to go up and initiate her. I'll also do similar things where I'll just get some brief input from her, and then go back into a cool conversation with my friend. They will want back in, and engage us. That is a way that certain naturals get into set, without doing straight approaches, which are less common for people not in the community. I learned it from watching naturals in London and Sydney. What follows is also a natural's type of structure.

From there, I will often encounter guys who will intrude on my sets. For guys new to the scene, these guys are called AMOGs, which stands for "Alpha Male Other Guy". These guys can be a nuisance to your set, because when they see you gaining status in front of the girls, what will often happen is that they will try to mess up your set. In the past I would try to befriend them, and still do so sometimes. I most often ignore them actually, and roll my eyes to the girls like 'this guy is so lame', and they giggle. However, at times, I will decide to actually use these to gain social leverage in the set. What I'll do is I'll actually make fun of them by setting frames on them, so that whatever they say I can just say they're feeding into my frame. For example, I'll say "If I was gay, I'd fuck that big stud right there." Then, whenever he tries to intrude, I make fun of him that he thought I was serious and is trying to get me to fuck him, but that I won't even though I'm flattered. Because I'm unaffected by his nonsense, and I'm conveying that I'm a cocky/funny kind of guy, I convey good qualities to the girl.

As for the girls, I will make accusations to the girl that she is up to something and I don't know what. Usually its observational on some completely arbitrary quality. I'll say that it bugs me. She will continually try to get in with me, asking "Why!?" over and over. This is actually a roleplaying frame that they get sucked into. It is a very strong frame, that intertwined with female validation psychology.

The other girl in the set, I may say that she's copying me and biting my style. Then I'll fix it for her by giving her silly nicknames, and use them as callback humour in the future.

This is one of many ways that I run sets, and is a way that involves no canned material, and no structure. It is just joking around, in a natural way.

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