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Dating Tips For First Date

You've got a date and seemingly, all the hard work is done - you've chatted the other person up, found the courage to ask them out, and yes - set a date. But, now what? Where will you go? What will you do? And, of course, what will you talk about? Like most things in life, when it comes to dating, preparation can save the day.

1. Be sure she wants to meet you.
Before you set up the first date, it is important to make sure you have generated enough attraction and enough comfort. You must test this, and there are many ways to test. It can be done non-verbally: does she respond well to your touch, or is she touching you back? Is she making strong eye contact and paying close attention to you? Or, this can be done verbally: you can say something like "we've got a really great vibe going." If she looks away and meekly says "uh…yeah, I guess," then you know she isn't ready yet. If she looks into your eyes and warmly says "yeah, totally," then, you know she's ready.

2. What To Talk About?
You can create a conversation plan. This method can really help to take the pressure off and will let you go into your date feeling prepared and at ease. By this I mean:

- a few funny stories (I mean legitimately funny... go practice telling them on your friends)
- a few comfort stories (like... slightly serious shit that reveals gems about your inner self, stories that clear up a bit of the mystery of this super-fly cocky guy)
- some good neg/funny teasing stuff that you just spit out unconsciously... for example, I have a "pg-13" type teaser, where if a girl reminds me of some really hot model/superstar/celeb, I'll be like "yooo... now I know why you looked so familiar... you look EXACTLY like Angelina Jolieee... but i dunno... not as hardcore, not as SEXUAL... more like, a pg-13 version of Angelina Julie!"

To be continued...


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