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Cute Things To Tell Girls

Don't say anything stupid or corny like these:

1. If i could change the alphabet I would put U and I together .

2. You're cute!

3. You smell nice, You have beautiful eyes, Do you work out? You're gorgeous!

4. Tell them that they are Beautiful and Amazing, and unlike anyone you have ever laid eyes on. Tell her that you will always be there for her, think that she has an amazing personality, and that she's smart and good at lots of things.

Try these things

1. If a girl is on a cell phone and gets off, look down at your beeper and say, "Did you just page me? Sneaky girl! Very good!"

2. "Welcome to my world."

3. Cocky and Funny lines:

(If she makes fun of herself) Her: " I'm such a retard" or "My hair looks awful" or " My lipstick doesn't look good does it?"
You: " Well, I didn't want to say anything!"
Her: " My hair looks bad doesn't it?"
You: " You can say that again!" (with a playful tone)

Here are more cocky and funny lines.

4. Telling Stories

Naked resort:

Have any of you been to a naked resort? I was taking this friend up to a workshop up in Harbin hot springs, and she was like, I don't want to go there! Everybody's gonna look at me! I tell her well it's cool; you could just wear a bathing suit. So, she does. But of course, at Harbin, nobody's wearing a bathing suit. But eventually, it's a cool environment, she mellows out, and she gets naked, and loves it! We're having a great time. Two months later, she calls me up, and she's like, I want to go back to that place! I want to go back to that place!

Eventually we go back there, and we're getting unpacked, and she's got the bathing suit, and I go oh, what's this about? And she goes, oh … I kind of like the attention. @2006-2007 - The Ultimate Close Routines and Other Cute Things To Tell Girls - Cute Things To Say To a Girl