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Cocky and Funny Lines Collection

C&F (or Cocky and Funny) is a style of personality or mindset (also called a frame) one can project to gain attraction with a woman. It is a copyrighted phrase for a seduction method invented by David DeAngelo. This method involves acting in a cocky and funny manner, often neg-hitting your target at the right times and very often using Push-Pull to gain attraction as well.

So, the question arises - how do you actually come across as cocky and funny?

The most important thing is, do not try to get her panties wet - instead, just decide that you're going to have as much fun RIGHT NOW as you can while you're with the gal - forget the scheming and plotting. Just play with her words, rag on her, bust her on her choice of words, liberal doses of sarcasm and humor so that she's laughing and still a bit nervous (in a GOOD way) about how you'll tease her next.

Here are some examples.

Example 1 :
PUA: You remind me of my dog.
GIRL: (angry, insulted but laughing) Hey!
PUA: What? I LOVE my dog.

Example 2:
Me: “Listen, I’m sorry for being out of touch, I’ve been very, very busy. But I’m available now… (suddenly changing tone of voice, like a salesman) …but only for a limited time only, at a low, low price of $14.99 an hour!”

Example 3:
You: Tonight is your lucky night
Her: Oh really? Why is that?
You: Because you finally got to go out with me
Her: Sure!
You: But no touching… I… do all the touching!

This one is field tested - it works magic! Gets her laughing, she might even punch you for it playfully which means she's started the KINO. Thats your cue to take up the KINO one more notch...

Example 4:
Her : lets get a drink .
PUA : Oh please tell me your not planning on geting me drunk so you can try and seduce me .

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