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Clubs Are The Best Place to Pickup

author: "toecutter"
date: Fri, 10 Oct 2005 20:10:00 GMT
subject: Mystery speaks ...

On 10/9/05 6:13:00 AM, gunwitch wrote: > My big questions:
>WHY the clubs?

It is easier to FIND hot women. We have had this discussion in the "Gunwitch Method" thread. I know you say that a hot woman needs to buy her tooth-paste. Point me to all the tooth-paste buying bitches you are laying in the field reports section. Point me to a SINGLE grocery store girl lay report from ANYONE in the entire history of ASF. I wanna read about these grocery store girls that are so willing and eager. Like a single fucking ONE. You know we are getting laid in bars and clubs. Your logic and burden of proof is completely BACKWARDS. You are the same as Ray Gordon.

>I mean if a guy finds he has a persona that
>applies to exploiting the group dynamics, entertainer
>frames and higher values of a club environment id say sure.
>But you must see it here and in the FRs? Guys who COULD
>NEVER be congruent with that style toil and toil and toil
>just like i did attempting it with 1 in 20 lay rates.

See clubs are so efficient that 1 in 20 is not that bad. Like you can manage 12 approaches per night. So if you go out 4 nights per week, you are fuXXing 2 new girls per week. That is 104 NEW girls per year based on your own numbers and claiming it is not successful.

>Would you ever recommend anything aside from Mystery Method to a
>guy, a guy who say just wasn't club material, wasn't outgoing
>in any way or captivating or entertaining. YET was
>attractive in other ways and could one-one make a rapport
>with people FAST and easy? Would you recommend breaking

This is backwards rationalization for not doing groups because you feel they are harder. Peoples #1 fear is public speaking!!!! #2 is death. Like they fear public speaking more than death!!! But public speaking is fuXXing easy, fun and enjoyable once you have had some practice with it. I like being on stage with a message to get across. I enjoy strutting around and pausing for dramatic emphasis and pointing my finger in the air. Like I LOVE to perform. I LEAP at the chance to speak publicly. But my first speech ever (and this was to a tiny audience of audience of like 20), I shook like a leaf and held on tight to the podium. I think I blushed up there too, I certainly felt like my face was on fire. And I stammered. After that first one, I might have said "I don't have the temprement blah, blah, blah" (repeating your paragraph above). That would be similar backwards rationalization. Similarly as I believe that EVERYONE is capable of being a good public speaker with some practice, EVERYONE is capable of group approaches. So that is the answer to your question.

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