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How to Close a Hot Chick and Get Her Number

author: David DeAngelo
date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 04:00:00 GMT
website: www.doubleyourdating.com
subject: negging the 1/2 black girl 9.5 HB

ok one more thing (sorry I split up my post like this guys ... it can get messy in this NG)

This is how I closed her ...

"Do you have blades?"


"yeah but do you have the safety gear?"


"oh well (looking away) then you cant ever go blading with me cause I would hate to have to wait for you to pussy foot behind me ... forget it." "oh you are a madman?"

"Hey I also NEED to wear my HELMET ok ... hmmmm, ok, here’s the plan. We are going blading ok .... BUT! You need gear so Ill borrow some off my good buddy. Oooh, and frisbee. I need more frivolous things in my life ... (talk about how the hospital stint made me appreciate the little things more) and I want to share blading ... sound like a plan?"

"sounds good."


"I guess I should give you my # then."

"oh .... I donno ... maybe we shouldn't do this. I mean, this is only going to get naughty. I'm going to end up corrupting you .... "

"my ive already been corrupted.:

so then I pull my cock out and stroke it as I roar "I’m the king of the PU!"

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