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Don't Think You Can Pickup Girls in Any Situation

author: David DeAngelo
date: Fri, 04 Jun 2003 04:00:00 GMT
website: www.doubleyourdating.com
subject: Re: More Adventures with Desperate Dan

Some PU artists seem to think that a GREAT PU ARTIST is one who can pick up girls in virtually any situation. I disagree strongly. To me, getting particularly good at one or two situations only and consistantly finding yourself it those situations so that you end up with more HB options than any other is the true GREAT ARTIST.

Generalists get general results while Specialists get special results. Become a specialist. Work to find a public gathering situation that works for you and then MASTER that situation. Cafes? Clubs? Funerals? Whatever - just focus on the one that gives you the best results with regards to your skill set.

When I goto clubs, I find the noisy ones suck so I don't go to those ones. If I do, I ALWAYS steer clear of the dance floor and the speakers and the noisy areas. I prefer the patio and the quieter couch areas. By the quieter bar areas too. I’m a specialist. I can meet girls in cafes like Ross too if its not too much like a restaurant. Not too secluded nor too crowded. Not too loud but you need a crowd for statistical probabilities to work. Social Singles bars for 30+ girls seem nice because they bring in the classy HBs.

I think it takes a strong will to take action when you discover yourself in a situation you find isn't workable. Too LOUD? Look, I'm a club expert and I AGREE that club atmosphere sucks. I only hang around the quietest places in big clubs. If they don't have quiet places, I don't go to that club again. I may goto 3 clubs in a night til I find the best atmosphere. The social environment can change based on what day of the week it is, whether there is a hockey game or not (I REAL PLAYER will get the girls when all the so-called ’real’ men are home with their male friends watching hockey). If you like hockey, tape it. And watch it later after you fucked the babe you got that night (JUST DON'T EXPECT HER TO LIKE HOCKEY).

You were watching too much. Tonnes of babes but its too noisy. If you cannot convey your personality then its not a good situation. Its as impossible as trying to get HBs at a funeral when the priest dude is yakking to the group. Or trying to PU when a band is playing. Don’t think there is a way into any situation. There are statistical chances anywhere sure, but we want to take a typical PU day and make sway the chances in our favour as much as possible. It is sometimes better statistically to goto a cafe with 40 people than to goto a club with a 1000 based on the noise and the crowd and the type of people etc.

So, don't think big clubs suck. Some big clubs have quiet areas; if not then they suck. Don't think you can meet HBs in any situation.

And lastly, have the guts to LEAVE and goto another place than wallflower it (I've done that in the past once too many times.) In fact, I’ve left FRIENDS in clubs to goto other clubs myself cause they wouldn't come with me ... only to kick themselves later when I ended up with TALENT while they only got ringing ears. Don't let your wingmen bring you down.

A note on young babes. As an older guy, I'm sure you would still LOVE to get into the pants of some 18+ girls. That's only natural. BUT! How does one build a situation where you CAN? Going where tonnes of young guys are doesn't seem great to me. Now ok, if you were to PERFORM for the crowd and the crowd liked you and met some of the girls who thought you were great, sure. That's a great PU tactic. But if you cant become the social center, just go somewhere where you CAN. Get the FUCK out of there.


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