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Reverse Shit Test: Calling a Girl "Weird"

There are so many little pieces that you can add into your game, that will improve your results. Little lines that might seem so trivial, but trigger powerful reactions in the girls. They convey a lot despite that they are not long.

One thing that I've noticed is that girls will always throw "Do you remember what my name is?" as a sort of final shit test. I used to lose girls like this all the time. There is a difference between a shit test that can be passed with C&F, and a shit test that requires you to give a genuine answer. C&F is designed to slightly break rapport in a funny way and therefore generates positive emotions while conveying higher social value. But if she's concerned enough to ask whether or not you remember her name, it means that she views you as having much higher social value. She wouldn't have been bothered to ask otherwise. She doesn't go up to random people asking this. Just people who she is scared may have an emotional effect on her. So naturally, she wants to know that you remember her name. Typically, I don't. I also forget names of girls that I slept (these I write down because they are important for health reasons and I'm also a bit of a romantic I guess in that I don't want to forget completely).

So to get around it, if I can't dismiss or disacknowledge the question, I'll turn it around by saying "You know, I have a confession to make. There's something I'm really shy about. I'm really good with remembering everything. Faces, events, important stuff. But I'm so bad with names. And you're totally embarrassing me and making me feel uncomfortable right now by bringing it up." This gets the girls qualifying themselves to you and apologizing. Otherwise you're cooked.

Now I've also started using this shit test in reverse. I won't even tell a girl my name, and I'll say "Do you even know my name?" The second she doesn't, I'll say "Ohhhhhh!! You don't even remember my name?!?!" and start walking backwards away from her. She'll grab me and start begging for it. It's very funny, and works as a legit qualifier because it speaks to the girl on her level. It makes it appear that you thought that she has high social value. I also do other reverse shit tests. For example, calling a girl "Weird" is a reverse shit test. Girls do this to guys. I'll also pretend that I think that impressive things that they told me might be exaggerated or fabricated, by investigating into them the same way that girls do. Then they're stuck qualifying themselves, and it makes it appear as though I'm interested in their value other than their looks.




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