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Buying Temperature And Buyer's remorse

Buying Temperature stands for the degree to which a woman is ready to make intimate physical contact with a man. Unlike attraction, a high buying temperature generally appears and fades quickly. To maintain a woman's level of physical interest over a longer period of time, a pickup artist attempts to pump her buying temperature with fast-paced routines.

Here are some Buying Temperature routines.

1. Lockup - Buying Temperature - Escalation By Tyler Durden

At this point in my game, my focus is on pushing girls into BUYING TEMPERATURE, recognizing it, and ESCALATING.
In field, I have the terms:
-buying temperature levels

2. 10 way to Pump up Buying Temperature Tactics by AsainPlayboy

OK, as us Pick Up Artists (PUAs) should know, Buying Temperature is the woman's emotional receptivity and her level of general attraction to the PUA at a given time.

(Note, that there is slight, but subtle difference between general attraction and sexual attraction. You can have one without the other, though then you run the risk of turning from the really cool, fun guy into the really cool, fun friend.)

3. Stealing Horny Chicks by Tyler Durden

The girl hits full buying temperature. Maybe you did it. Maybe another natural player did it. Maybe her boyfriend pissed her off and de-validated her. Maybe she's on vacation, and she decides she wants it. Whatever the way, she's decided she wants sex TONIGHT, and somebody is going to get it
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