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I Met This Beautiful Woman In A Club And # Closed Her

>I fuXXed up last night and went on a "date".

Yeah. you fuXXed up alright. this is what happens when someone understands the techniques, but doesn’t understand the REASONS behind the techniques. just chalk this one up to a LEARNING EXPERIENCE and use this as a guide to future sarges.

I understand that this has been working for you, and you are already successful with beautiful women. you need to understand WHY what you were doing was successful and then you won’t make the same mistakes... OR you will make the same mistakes, ON PURPOSE because you understand the effect it is having on her and how she sees you as a supplicant.

>Here’s the situation. I met this
>beautiful woman in a club and # closed her.

how much RAPPORT do you think you have with her at this point? due to the fact that you were patterning WAY LATER in this report, I think you had just about ZERO RAPPORT right now. unless you have rapport... some form of CONNECTION to this beautiful woman, you can not trust ANYTHING she says... and you still can’t trust her AFTER you have the connection, but her motivations are different. let’s say she had herpes and met you in a bar and felt like getting laid... do you think she would have told you she had herpes at this point? why should that beautiful woman care if you get herpes from her? she shouldn’t and she doesn’t. you need to find a way to know when you are connected with a chick to the degree that you can BELIEVE that she is on your side in things instead of only on HER OWN SIDE in getting what SHE wants.

>I went for * close, got as far as kisses
>on the cheek (several), but no tongue down.

do you realize that she COULD have tongued you if she WANTED to. she DIDN’T. let this be a clue as to how uninterested in you she really is, romantically or sexually. you failed to make her WANT YOU to tongue her down. since that beautiful woman doesn’t want you sexually, YOU are trying to BUY HER instead of her trying to BUY YOU. you are in the wrong position from the beginning. you misinterpreted "she won’t tongue me down" (negative) as "she let me kiss her on the cheek" (positive). that is completely wrong. you know who else gets to kiss her on the cheek? her girlfriends... her mother, her father, her brothers, her LJBFs, her teachers, her modeling agents... EVERYBODY gets to kiss her on the cheek! so what?

>This beautiful woman is a definite 10, even by
>L.A. standards.

in that case, you have to be UNIQUE somehow. if you fall in the same "dating" patterns as the AFCs that have tried before you, you will be categorized with them and USED. if she is so HOT... how come she hasn’t had a boyfriend in the last year (according to what she told YOU and you believed her enough to tell us about it)? you mean to tell me this beautiful woman went partying 52 WEEKENDS... and NEVER found a guy she wanted to go out with steadily? you mean to tell me she got drunk and danced 52 WEEKENDS and was NEVER approached by a guy that she wanted to fuXX and suck for? wake up dude. if she is so hot, then the TOP GUNS in LA are after her, offering her all types of shit that you and I can’t even AFFORD, and looking exactly the way she wants them to look. she is either LYING to you about not having a boyfriend in over a year or what she MEANS is that she fuXXs like a bitch in heat, and dumps guys as fast as she picks them up. what are the odds that if you were a 10 in LA that YOU wouldn’t get laid in a year? or even that you wouldn’t have attracted a girl that you want to "settle down" with? come on man. the TOP CHICKS in LA would have been after you, driving you to the country club and taking YOU out. you would have PICKED ONE or fuXXED THEM ALL!

By mrsex4unyc


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