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Sarge In Argentina

author: "toecutter"
date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 19:30:00 GMT
subject: Re: N. American vs UK seduction

> PS...If you could write one of these in-depth descriptions of the
> "dating dance" for the other places you've lived, for instance
> Argentina, I for one would love to read it.

Ha! Argentina is a hard one. Realistically I didn't live there long enough to really understand it as I got a couple of MLTRs at the beginning and then kind of relaxed into them. However I can make some generalisations. Argentina is an EXTREMELY insular and network driven society. Like to a level of corruption where people will ask for a cut of the profits in business for an introduction to a buyer who is his friend, etc.

The nightlife SUCKS. Argentineans do not drink at all. You go to a pub or club and they used to charge you (before the economy collapse in December) US$10 for a beer! That is because the Argentineans will buy one and sit on it all night. They also go out with their friends, and they don't go out until after 2am. This is ridiculous. They are all sitting around with their parents eating dinner and then just waiting for everyone else to get there. Once they get there if it is a bar they will sit in a table with their friends and not interact with the other groups. They don't drink either. I had some nights sitting around from 2am-5am playing Jenga! You can see why I settled into my MLTRs. However Street PU is where it is at there. It is quite easy to meet the Argentineans on the streets especially with your foreigner bonus.

I went into this in depth in another post while I was living there (about Sep of last year) on another board if you are interested in looking that up DeepBlue.

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