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Ways to Attract Women

If a girl finds out that you are attracted to her, before she is attracted to you, then you are creepy and sleazy. If, once she is attracted, she realizes that you are also attracted, then you are the perfect guy.

Therefore, during the ATTRACT stage, you should only communicate a passing interest in her. You are playing with her for your own amusement, and she is holding your attention only for the time being.

But she must be attracted to you first, and then qualify her. The phase of qualifying is basically substantiation as to why you are attracted to her...other than her must find something about her that you are into and give HER IOI's.

Here are just a few routines on how to attract her.

1. Humor: Be playful and cocky humor. For example:

   PUA: You remind me of my dog.
   GIRL: (angry, insulted but laughing) Hey!
   PUA: What? I LOVE my dog.

2. Magic Tricks. Here are some videos about coin grab trick

3. Demonstrate High Value: You can demonstrate higher value by teaching the girl something, and you show her how what you are teaching applies to her.

Name Mnemonics Routine
HBs: Omigod, I’m so bad with names.
Style: But you don’t have to be anymore. Here, I’ll show you in two seconds. All I do when I’m introduced to you is make a picture in my head. So if you’re Janet, I picture you with the head of Janet from Three’s Company. No offense. And for Donna, I just picture like the dawn, and the sun rising over your head. And for Tony, I see you on the front of a box of Frosted Flakes. Here, I’ll show you.

4. Esp. routine:

Walk up to a girl and say, "Do you believe in ESP?" Remember to SMILE or you may startle her. "Just think of the first # that pops into your head from one to four. Dont say it. Just think it ... now take that # and imagine that it is drawn on a blackboard in your head. Have you done that?"

She says OK

"What's so neat about the imagination is ... we both have it ... On the blackboard, I see the number ... three." ......

5. Push and Pull

Two steps forward, one step back (false disqualification). Lets her permit herself to keep getting in state. It triggers the emotions by getting a girl to think whether or not she has you.

Example :You are drunk, we could have gone out, we could have had the best time ever;
             Don't show me your belly button piercing LOOK LOOK LOOK

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